Laura Robb

2016.LRobbAuthor, teacher, coach, and speaker, Laura Robb has completed more than 40 years of teaching in grades 4-8. She presently coaches teachers in grades K to 8 in Virginia and Pennsylvania. For several years, Robb taught struggling middle school readers at Johnson Williams Middle School and at the same time trained teachers to scaffold instruction. For long-term professional study projects, Robb always works with those students who need the most support from teachers.

Laura Robb has written more than 25 books for teachers. Her newest book published by Corwin Literacy, Vocabulary Is Comprehension: Getting to the Root of Complex Texts was available in September 2014. Her newest for Heinemann is a First Hand Curriculum: Smart Writing: Practical Units For Teaching Middle School Writers and a book, and a professional book, Teaching Middle School Writers: What Every English Teacher Needs to Know.

For Scholastic, Robb has completed Unlocking Complex Texts; the book provides teachers with detailed lessons for meeting the CCSS in reading and writing. Robb has designed classroom libraries for Scholastic for grades 3 to 9 and with Jeff Wilhelm developed XBOOKS: nonfiction print texts with an online curriculum for students and teachers organized by themes such as forensics, tyrants, war, medicine, and strange for middle school readers.

Robb will have two books available in 2016: The Intervention Toolkit for Shell on April 15, and for Corwin, Read Talk Write:How to Guide Students to Think About and Analyze Fiction and Nonfiction, September, 2016.

Robb is a keynote speaker at conferences and leads workshops all over the country and in Canada. She writes articles for education journals. Her blog for MiddleWeb, “Our # 1 Reading Problem: Persistent Inequalities” was published in April 2014, another MiddleWeb Blog was published in March 2016, Ten Motivators to Promote Playful Learning. Her article on motivation and engagement was published in the fall, 2015 issue of Literacy Today.


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